About Us

Our History

S2 KTV & Club began contracting starting in December 2018, we conducted trials operating KTV and CLUB from April to July 2019. the Grand Opening launch on 5 July 2019.

The owner of this KTV CLUB is from Surabaya, he really likes karaoke and spends his free time in several clubs in Bali. Now he decides to build his own Karaoke and Club in Bali, and He will make S2 KTV CLUB the Best KTV and CLUB in Bali.

Our Mission

The KTV CLUB is focused on creating experiences for those who live and travel to Bali, whether you play with us. We create timeless memories by sharing our passion for what we do, our love of Bali and the kindness with which we treat our guests, our community and each other.

S2 KTV & CLUB will be the Best Entertainment Experience in Bali.

Our Employees

Recognizing and appreciating this important resource is essential for the growth and development of every workplace Training and development is also key to a company’s prosperity and evolution and S2 offers continual educational opportunities encouraging employees to develop new skills that not only enhance their workplace performance but also benefit their home life and family. Education and the adoption of new practices in the workplace means these new skills are filtering down to younger generations in the family unit encouraging new, efficient and more environmentally friendly approaches to day to day life in Bali.

Employees are actively encouraged to apply for higher positions, moving into the departments where they truly aspire to be and furthering their future career options.